Back to Linux and Manjaro KDE is fantastic!!!

So I have been mostly out of desktop/laptop scene for a couple years, mostly only using android and a little bit of Windows... Previously my favorite distro has been Manjaro KDE which I have used for a few years until late 2018.

I was in for a real treat after installing Manjaro KDE this time around, installation was blazing fast, unlike anything I remember before (and I've always used fastest SSD available). Manjaro KDE has always been pretty close to perfect out of the box, but this time was even more impressive, it only took maybe 5-10 minutes of configuring to get it exactly how I like it (opposed to about 30-45 mins previously). I've seen improvements across the board on everything since I last installed it a couple years ago, love the package manager and settings out of the box.

I love how far Linux, Manjaro and KDE (and all DEs) have come, great job to all contributors.

Hope my random Rave is ok here.


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