Backup, Install, Reinstall, Dual Boot...OH BOY

I am currently single booting Manjaro. Younger brother destroyed my Windows 10 machine. I have the HDD for it and want to install Windows on this machine to Dual boot, MOBO is compatible but have an encrypted SSD in this machine. I also do not have a SATA to usb adapter. What approach should I take to doing this?

I understand that you have a computer with an encrypted ssd which is running Manjaro -> encrypted Manjaro? Or the old encrypted Win10 Partition?
You want to install Win10 on an external HDD which is SDA and cannot connect to your USB on this computer?
Then you need ofcourse an adapter but I doubt that Win10 will install on the external drive.
You need to be more precise.

This machine: Manjaro, Encrypted SSD.
Old broke machine: broke, Windows 10 HDD

What I want:

This device, Dual Boot Manjaro/Windows SSD

I seem to be misinformed that Windows 10 couldnt be booted from usb. I found a Windows 10 ISO.

I think it could boot from an external drive, but the installer will probably not install to it. You could try to connect the drive internally and boot it in safe mode. Maybe you will be able to get Win10 to adapt to the other hardware. More likely you will have to reinstall it.

Edit: Oh, misread your answer.
AFAIK it is nearly impossible to install Win10 after another OS is already on the drive. Win10 always tries to claim the whole disk.

...but I can not really recommend it, dualbooting is always a pain. Any chance your machine has a second slot for hdd/ssd ? Seperated on two drives is a far better option.

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Try this

I guess, I am a little tired. Yes, you can boot the ISO from USB. What i ment was to boot the installed Win from USB.
However, you can dual boot it. Follow @banjo 's link. But this means that your Manjaro will be overwritten first and then you need to reinstall it. I understood, that this is not really what you wanted to do.

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All for the experience. I will backup just in case. But I have been reading and fell into the ubuntu one. Thank you.

Just let us know how it worked out for you and what tweaks you had to apply to get it to work.

Funny story.....My brother wasn't supposed to have the old laptop, created admin account he "can't remember" PW to. SMFH...can't log in. So I cant install the ISO.

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