Bad image on Netflix

Hi guys, i'm very very new on Manjaro and I have a bunch of questions - one at a time.

For first, I'm getting a bad image quality on Netflix with Firefox. The image can explain it better:

Ok, it wasn't on HD, but it doesn't explain all these strange images behind the left shoulder of the character on the left. You know what I'm talking about? The dark parts of the image gets some strange aspect.

EDIT: I can't explain that, but in the SS at my computer, I can see the bugs in the image perfectly, but here in the forum, it barely appears...

could you please download google-chrome (or any other chrome based browser like chromium) and tell us if the effect persists

P.S.(i think was issue with firefox which was fixed in the last update in 2017-04-02)

I've been researching this all day long (today and yesterday). I did it! I did install Chrome and the same persists. This isn't a problem on firefox actually, it's in the system! All images have that problem here. I don't know exactly who's blame, but my guesses are KDE or this Open Source Driver. So yesterday I tried to change to nonfree graphics, the result? That initial screen "initializing 232" or something like that, the system was stuck on that. So I tried that thing of chroot, I did reinstall the free driver, but the same persisted, then I go to reinstall Manjaro fully, I choose nonfree graphics, and now when I type mhwd -li:

Installed PCI configs:

              NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE

video-hybrid-intel-ati-bumblebee 2016.01.28 true PCI

Warning: No installed USB configs!

And the free graphics still here! There's one more thing: I can't see things clearly here, contrast is too low (everything is too bright) - I've already tried changing gamma and brightness.

Oh, and I have a R7 M260 hybrid with a HD5500.

The problem just can be this computer! Everyone only says wonderful things about Linux, and so far all I got are problems. But I'm not blaming Manjaro, I got a lot ot problems with Ubuntu too.

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