Bad UX with LUKS when installed Manjaro Gnome

I installed Manjaro Gnome to my testing VM (QEMU/KVM with UEFI) with default installer. The issue is that kernel and initramfs are located in /boot, not /boot/efi, so they're encrypted. Bad things that take place in that config:

  1. Worse performance, since kernel could decrypt LUKS faster than Grub does that;
  2. No ability to customize the process. With initramfs-based cryptsetup you can do more, e.g. graphical prompt via Plymouth.
    Also, default installer lacks support of LVMs that are being used on all modern distros.
    How I solved that problem:
  3. Install with Manjaro Architect using systemd-boot
  4. Install Plymouth and set it up
  5. Configure initramfs
    In this case kernel and initramfs are being stored on /boot/efipartition, that's not encrypted. systemd-boot starts the kernel, then plymouth-encryptshows graphical prompt.
    I think it'll be nice to have that supported in Calamares installer.

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Read this thread:

UPD: I have decided to cease the work on bootsplash themes since bootsplash doesn't support encryption well, and it cannot be used with quiet option.
But in the most recent messages there's a link to Plymouth theme.

My thread is about LUKS, and not only splash. Another issue is default partition layout

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