Baloo_file_extractor running wild until all RAM is used and computer freezes

I think I saw a fix about something like this.. if baloo database was corrupted.

should be in framework 5.46 don't know if it's already in stable branche.

you can try to delete the index in ~/.local/share/baloo

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cd .local/share/baloo/
ls -l
insgesamt 4
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 8192 18. Mai 09:59 index-lock

ls -lh
insgesamt 4,0K
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 8,0K 18. Mai 09:59 index-lock

So the 3 GB which baloo status is returning back, means 3GB of files were indexed, not that the index itself is 3GB ?

you should have 2 files in this folder.. the lock file and the index itself :thinking:
maybe you already deleted it.

No, there was only one file..
i've read some article about /media/data/...
but where is /media?

it seems that when you disable baloo it delete the index database

baloo indexer:

for some reason the baloo_file or baloo_file extractor is running wild. At every reboot, baloo is starting and it consumes all the RAM until the computer is frozen.

I remember very well this problem in linuxmint 18 kde edition, in my case it happened that the processors were running at 80% (the temperature at about 66º when my equipment was normally at 35º, it killed the process and the next day I had it running again again with the same consumption of ram and processor, I proceeded to exclude all the files from my home, that is ... index everything except home, all the folders and files, restart and baloo was no longer crazy (it was always baloo indexer extractor and not baloo itself.) Once the PC restarted, I was deleting folder to file file folder until I saw that the virtualbox VM directory caused it, although I have to say that I'm left doubt about if it was cut when decompressing a file with ark.The case is that it was solved in my case and leave the activated baloo in those times

a greeting I hope it serves you something


Balooo started once again with this problem, I have to kill the process when I start the pc cause soon enough it will freeze the pc because it gets all RAM

A couple of minutes more and the pc would be locked.

Im on kde and baloo is part of it.

I did some work with gimp and suddenly ballo file extractor was running wild again.

pactree -r baloo

i guess i've opened a png with gwenviev and it crashed. So ballo and gwenview is the problem. You also have listed qwenviev.

How To Completely Disable Baloo.

Disable baloo in System Settings -> Search -> Uncheck Enable File Search

Then issue these commands:

balooctl stop
balooctl suspend
balooctl disable

edit the following file:


Add these lines:

[Basic Settings]

Remove all unneeded baloo index files if they weren't deleted automatically when baloo was disabled.

They are stored at:


From the ArchWiki:

Removing baloo_file

Baloo_file uses a lot of resources and slows down computers. It also increases power consumption on laptops. While it cannot be removed due to dependencies issues, it is however possible to deactivate it until the next update. As root, type:

killall baloo_file ; mv /usr/bin/baloo_file /usr/bin/baloo_file.bak ; echo '#!/bin/sh' > /usr/bin/baloo_file

Add this line to a pacman hook file, to disable baloo after every update so it is not automatically re-enabled.

The baloo file search feature has been much improved in KDE. However, it is still not my favorite search engine and I would rather have it permanently disabled. According to the ArchWiki baloo cant be uninstalled, and it may be automatically re-enabled during a system upgrade.

I have written a pacman hook to automatically disable baloo again after every system upgrade.

Here is the pacman hook:

Type = Package
Operation = Upgrade
Target = /usr/bin/baloo_file

Description = Disable baloo file indexer after every upgrade operation
When = PostTransaction
Exec = /bin/sh -c 'killall baloo_file ; mv /usr/bin/baloo_file /usr/bin/baloo_file.bak ; echo '#!/bin/sh' > /usr/bin/baloo_file'

Install the recoll search engine (or any other suitable alternative) in place of baloo once baloo is fully disabled.


Thank you,
mmhh if completely disabling baloo, which sw would not run properly then?


KDE will continue to function normally without baloo, you just will not have the built in search features.

i have xfce? i'll just try it :smiley:
at the moment i do killal baloo_file every bootup

Why would you have baloo installed on xfce.

I do not know, i guess it came with another sw, ok, so i can go to disable it completely.

Yes disabling it will have absolutely no impact if you are using xfce. It would be best to completely disable baloo.

I removed it simple via pamac. the pdf viewer gwenview was removed too...i switched to another pdf viewer. So no more balloo problems (-:


I run KDE, and want this baloo_file_extractor (=bfe) to finish. It says that there are about 900.000 files left to scan, and it gets about 10.000 finished in 1-2 hours. ... Does this bfe relate to akonadi? Or is that a completely different thing? To me, both are for the purpose of easing search efforts, which I need badly... :slight_smile:
But bfe could really use some less resources (at a time, it had 12 GB RAM eaten up - luckily I have more).

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