basestrap: line 97: 9549 Floating point exception in Manjaro-Architect

Hello everyone, first post here!

I am trying to install Manjaro and I keep getting the error [install basepkgs][255].

I am installing with Manjaro Architect linux 5.6. I select awesome-wm. Also, after I press ok on the error message it shows me other problems. I will include an image of the other problems. I have tried installing Manjaro multiple times and the error after pressing ok on [install basepkgs][255] keeps on changing.

My hardware is:
-RTX 2060
-Ryzen 5 1600

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Have you verified the checksum of your ISO download? Looks like a corrupted ISO to me...


Yeah I verified it several times. Also downloaded it several times.

@philm Something you need to be aware of?


This is probably a hardware error. Maybe related to pacman - but I am not sure.

To my knowledge Architect do not make any arithmetic calculations - comparing sizes but those are usually strings. If anyone knows it will be @Chrysostomus

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