basic install questions (partitions and old versions)

Long story short, I think I'm just going to wipe everything on my current system and do a fresh install.

I currently have a bootable USB with 17.1. Can I just install that and then run the updater to get everything current? I know we're on 18.something now and there's been at least two kernel updates since. I wasn't sure if this version was too old to start with or if I'd have to make a new bootable usb.

In terms of partitions, I think I know I do a 500mb FAT 32 partition with a /boot/efi mount point, a 4GB linuxswap partition, and then an ext4 with "/" as mount point. If this is wrong, let me know. Do I need to check any of the flags for any of the partitions as well?

That's all I have for now. Thanks!

I would make a new bootable USB with the latest iso for not running into the hassle of the updating and if something goes wrong. Your partition scheme seems ok (there are as many preferences as users I would think). You can get away with smaller EFI system partition. I use to make mine 100 MB and it works. Put boot, esp flag on it and mount at /boot/efi as you already mentioned. Swap same size of your RAM. You can add a swap partition or swapfile after the installation as well. Your choice.

Edit: Correcting /efi/boot to /boot/efi


So no flags on the ext4 partition?

No need, just the mount point.

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