BAT Donations on Manjaro website

Good morning everybody.

I'm writing this post to ask if it's possible to link the Manjaro website domain to the Brave Rewards creators program so that users can send small donations in BAT (Basic Attention Token).

In case you are interested I leave here the link to the official website of the project so that you can get more detailed information:

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I'm pretty sure this has already been raised.

But if I were manjaro I would want to stay as far away from any association with brave as possible.

There is at least one example of it being mentioned, though not much discussion


Yes, I saw a few posts about Brave, but I must have missed the one you mentioned; I probably didn't look in the right category.

Anyway, even though I know that a lot of people don't like the idea of a browser that includes advertisements, can I ask you why you wouldn't accept BAT donations? After all, it's money that can be useful to the project...

HELL ■■■■■■ NO!

Simply NO cause the next thing you know Manjaro is full of ads.

I have personally verified my domain in order to receive donations from BAT users and I can assure you that this operation has nothing to do with advertising on the website.

Verifying your domain with Brave only allows you to activate a small badge on the browser's search bar through which website visitors can send BATs they have earned elsewhere or purchased manually (just like any other crypto currency).

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