Battery capacity is very less!

I procured both windows and linux result, things are same. As Strit said, maybe one of my battery cell has completely died. Laptop is portable and that is why i bought it.

I know, I were saying a few things just incase some threshold setting had been set in the bios or in software. I like saying random things hoping something might help, or not lol no worries.

One thing a little odd is even when your battery is at 69% how come it says it'll only last a few minutes ? it's like, that doesn't compute really does it.

I was pretty sad then and posted what i saw in battery applet. From my experience only chrome lasts a bit more than 3 hour and vlc lasts around 2 and half hour. This much is expected as when it was new it had 4-5 hour battery life.

You can cycle the battery - though this will usually result only in more accurate readings which in turn usually appears to worsen battery life (again, this is not true . its simply reporting the correct levels).

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how can i cycle the battery?

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