Battery drain in suspend


I have installed manjaro on my laptop. It currently works pretty well.

I have a battery discharge problem during suspend. I followed manjaro wiki power management and installed tlp and thermald. However compared to windows on the same machine I lose something I would consider quite insane during suspend. In windows if I leave my pc in suspend over weekend I lose around 2% of charge. However on linux I lose around 15 % per night so a total of 45 % over weekend. Is there anything I can do to improve it ?

Check your BIOS settings and make sure USB charging of external devices is turned off. That used to run the battery down on my old laptop until I turned it off when it was suspended.


I believe Windows is using a hybrid mode. It suspends first and goes to hibernation after some time.

This is what I use with Linux as well. Going to hibernation after 30 min in suspend. While in hibernation the battery lasts indefinitely.


I'll try to deactivate the power USB. This system is dual booted. My given example was with USB charging activated both on windows and on manjaro. As I said, it seems that either suspend does not power down some components or it does not go to a low enough powerstate or whatever.

I lack however the knowledge to even know where to look.

If the above excellent advice doesn't help,

TLPUI is just a start and the official documentation is needed to drill down in all the possible config options and can be found here...

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