BBSwitch Non-functional on Dell Inspiron G5

Hello all! Hoping one of you can help.

When trying to use bbswitch in Manjaro running kernel 4.20, I get the following error from primusrun:

[ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: Could not enable discrete graphics card

If I go into bumblebee.conf and set PMMethod to "none" rather than "bbswitch" and reboot, everything works fine. The secondary GPU loads up and using primusrun launches whatever I tell it to properly on the NVIDIA GPU. Setting it back to bbswitch, rebooting, and trying produces the error again.

Running without power management is obviously much less than ideal, as I'd like to make sure that when I'm doing productivity tasks, I'm not running a battery sucking GPU that is sitting idle.

I have a Dell Inspiron G5 15 with a GTX 1060 Max Q and an i7-8750H.

I searched around the forums and tried the power management blacklist and GRUB boot options, but none of those seem to work (or they render my system unbootable until I revert them).

Anyone have any ideas where I can go from here? I'd like to get bbswitch working on this thing for Steam games.

I think you answered your own question..
Use primusrun/optirun when you need nvidia.
Have you checked the Bumblebee tutorial?

or Bumblebee troubleshooting Archwiki?

My original issue was that bbswitch isn't working. I know I can launch the NVidia GPU WITHOUT power management, but that's less than ideal for a laptop due to power draw.

As a counterpoint to your snarky reply, "have you actually read my original post?" :wink:

Normally when using bumblebee, Intel is the default used card. Then

is not consistent, if Intel is default and you can run nvidia whenever you want manually. Auto-switching (with bbswitch) would be ideal, of course.

Check your power consumption while not using primusrun/optirun and compare with when using them.
IAMOF I never knew this option (PMMethod=none) would work.

As for your nice comments for my personality, I have my own personal problems to care about. I don't want to bring them to you.. :wink:

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