BCM4360 - No Wifi on fresh install, macbook pro mid 2014

Just installed Manjaro on my old Macbook.
But the it's not detecting my wifi card.

Network Controller: BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (Broadcom)
Kernel: 5.4

How can I get this to work since I have no internet connection?

you need to install linux54-broadcom-wl

I have MacBook Air 2013 with the same chip.
I used thunderbolt to ETH adapter.

Where can I get the software though?
Is there somewhere i can download it from on another computer ?
Pardon the noobiness.

I think it is this

I do not know if there are some other dependencies I am not front of the NTB so can not check.

I have never installed from external source but I think in Pamac there is an option to install from external source what means from disk. I guess.

Yeah I tried running sudo pacman -U broadcom-wl-master.tar.gz
But it says it's missing package metadata.
Am I doing the instalation right ?

I can not help you with this never done it. You need to wait when Manjaro guru read your topic :slight_smile:

Use USB Android phone tethering for a temporary internet connection.

Connect the phone to your computer via USB cable.

Enable the tethering option from your phone.

USB Android phone tethering


Broadcom driver install guide here:

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