Be careful with edits in "Tutorial" or wiki mode Posts

Anyone considering editing a post in the Tutorial section like this one for example, please consider that the person may have put some time into creating it Before you start making a bunch of changes or adding things to it.

I think it would be common curtesy in the forum to inform the author and have a discussion if you want to make changes before you start changing/edit any post.

If you want to make your own better post then just do that.


It's like this is a forum or something...

Any large change to a Tutorial post should be checked before being added. The ability of TL3 users to edit a Tutorial post is primarily for correcting formatting and spelling issues, and updating incorrect/outdated information e.g. paths and package names.

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It is a very gentle way to put it. Point taken.

Be well! :yum:

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Is that a "Demolition Man" reference by chance?

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He doesn't know how to use the three seashells! :rofl:

I don't even recall that movie, but it might suit as a hidden message :yum:

Um you last three posters are way off topic. I mean I can't say the words idiots when it comes to individuals but as a group then well I am not sure even then but I guess it would be as obvious as "be well" or what ever your references were and for what???

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