Belgian eID card reader needs official manjaro package

Six million people are using the Belgian eID card reader. And this number will only increase in the future, because more and more people use this reader.

The eID card is used for secure access to online government applications, signing electronic contracts, tax-on-web, requesting official documents or forms online…

But for new Manjaro users it is very cumbersome to install this package, they just can't install it without the help of an expert.

One of the reasons is that the eid-mw and eid-viewer packages are in AUR.

Most new users don't know how to install AUR packages.

There is also the additional GPG key issue, that's without any doubt to difficult for any new user.

As a driver for the card reader hardware is required, they also need to install the ccid package. In some cases, acsccid (AUR) is needed instead.

After installing the right driver, they also need to start and enable the pcscd service.

Can't all these things be put in one official package?

So that all packages and dependencies are automatically installed when you chose to install the eid software..

The eID card reader is crucial software for almost every Belgian citizen.

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Setting up card readers can be a nightmare, you're already good to go if there are AUR packages available. I think it shouldn't be a problem to include these in the official repos if you find someone to maintain these packages.
I don't know how many Belgians use Manjaro though.

After experiencing a lot of issues in different browsers, I've found a website using NOT java, working in all browsers.
Just for my curiosity I tried on latest OSX and Win, worked just fine.

Does somebody know how this works:

thank you

While it isn't reccomended that new users install arbitrarily from the AUR, I don't think it is particularly hard. Both pamac and octopi have the ability to search and install AUR packages.

What exactly is this issue? I've never heard of it.

Missing GPG key of developers in local keyring, resolves adding the key with a command in terminal

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