Best configuration for RTX laptop 2019

Hi all,

given the different possibiities offered by Manjaro to deal with 2 GPU, I have not really understood which is the best config for a last gen laptop like mine (RTX 2080, i7 9750H).

I'm a developer and I would like to have a good battery life while having the possiblity to connect an external monitor when needed. This means that the X session should live on the dGPU right?
Are the new 440xx hybrid drivers enough for this?

At the moment I have them installed with optimus-manager, but I have to switch to the dGPU to use an external monitor.
Is there a way to handle the desktop with the iGPU, be able to connect an external screen and use the dGPU at the same time (for tasks like deep learning).

Thank you, Luca


All the known options are listed here, with all the details, advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Is a long read, but useful.

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