Best Manjaro rave I have ever read which made me ROTFL.

Post 6874.
It should be the new Manjaro slogan


BLOAT???? What ISO did that guy used?

Regardless of the ISO, if you have Arch mind, anything would feel bloated. This type of person needs can be fulfilled by a comprehensive installer where one choose what has to be preinstalled. But as in many cases, a cure for one could be a poison for another. Overly complex installer could be a show stopper for someone with little to no knowledge and just about to enter the world. IMHO, it's better to cover these unknowledgable people than the knowledgable Arch guy. He would eventually know what to remove.


I totally agree. But the user’s comment shows that he did not spend time on it, like using a minimal iso or the architect installer. It’s a very narrow-minded view to dismiss a distribution only by the default software it contains in the ISO.

Bloat to the average Arch user is anything they didn’t explicitly put there during install. No worries. It’s just an Arch thing.


Proper link for Post 6874 :wink:


Yep, that's what I mean. They might even want the DE of choice, including no DE, available at installation.

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Yeah, someone that doesn't know to swim will call a lake bloatware after a dive into it :wink:
Who's the bloated one now?

The 3 forum members there between post 6874 and post 6875 really need to put down their Drano filled crack pipes and step away.

"Manjaro is Window's light: same great bloat, none of the bugs."

I thought it was hilarious.

Folks, please remember that quite a number of Manjaro users are also Arch users. And we "live" in both forums.

When we make fun of one set of users (Arch) we also make light of the other set (Manjaro) of users. Not all that nice, but hey. :wink:

Personally, I always thought that a slogan ripped from the old Debian/Ubuntu crowd is more appropriate:

"Manjaro -- Swahili for "Can't install Arch." :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Ego Boosting.

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What do they consider as bloat on Manjaro? Basically what is not essential for the system to work. I've asked an Arch user to tell me what they consider "bloat" on Manjaro. He has chosen the GNOME version. I use the Cinnamon version.

Bloat: Caffeine-ng/Caffeine-ng Preferences, Dynamic Wallpapers, Gestures, Yelp, GtkHash, Icon Browser, HP Device Manager, Kvantum Manager, Seahorse, Software Token, Gnome To Do, Gnome Weather, Gnome Maps, Cheese, Avahi SSH Server, Avahi VNC Server, Avahi Zeroconf, Gufw, hp-uiscan, lstopo, LSHW, Qt V4L2 video, ranger, Timeshift, Extensions, Gnome Tweaks, Gnome Clocks, Gnome Calculator, Deja Dup, Totem, dConf Editor.

I tend to agree with him in the options in bold. The Avahi, Qt V4L2, lstopo cannot be removed without breaking the system. I know that because these ones are in all flavors, there is no advice for you that they're part of the ecosystem and cannot be removed without breaking the entire distro. I think Manjaro should, at least, hide them all.

I still don't know what is Software Token and Icon Browser, lol. Only Manjaro comes with this Token feature installed...

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Yes, totally agree. If the philosophy of a distro is to expand market share / usage, that is not the way to go. He relishes in pain, similar to BDSM. I am a newbie who is tired of Window's auto restart and there really isn't much viable alternatives out there. It is time that Linux step up as a viable alternative in today's climate.

I would rather put up with some bloat and have a much easier life to navigate around with minimal breakage than put up with hours of debugging to get something to work from scratch.

Actually you couldn't be further from the truth, but then again you already know that. To be very blunt if Linux wasn't ready for primetime or "viable" as you put it I would of NEVER dropped Windows. You and this thread muted.

The most amusing anti-Manjaro comment I saw was, "If I installed Manjaro, I'd have to spend hours and hours removing apps I don't want."

Hours and hours removing apps? More like hours and hours building your system with the apps you do want, especially from the AUR.

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I don't get it.
You can install ready-made Manjaro and use it as any mainstream distro. Or you can install it basically identical to the way you install Arch, and go from there.

That's one of the things I like about Manjaro, and I'm one of those anti-bloat guys. There may be some stuff deeper into the system, like maybe the kernel, but I haven't found a need to go to Arch for that yet, at this stage.

Am I missing something here?

It made me laugh... :smile:
And maybe I understand - so one step further some Gentoo- or LSF-Users might also call Arch bloated...

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Not really.
Providing both Architect and Full versions with Calamares still just means criticize the full versions and pretend Architect doesnt exist (or manjaro build tools to create your own image for that matter..)
Manjaro does have patches in the kernel and a funky grub.
But you can replace either of those too.

There's even the CLI install for those of us who find the Architect too complicated!

A lot of folks seem to forget stuff like this, when critisizing. Debian, for example, if you want to stay on that branch, is perfect for build-your-own arch-style installs, from what I can see at this stage. Lots of other reasons to move to the Arch branch, but lets be real.

Choices just means more options to strawman! :laughing:


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