Best method of installing windows after installing Manjaro?

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I've finally installed Manjaro on my second machine. However, because it's main purpose is for gaming, this os is currently not capable of running certain games (dayz, arma 3, star citizen, etc). I have tried running Arma 3 through a Windows Vbox VM, but the performance was terrible. I have heard of KVM, however I'm not how much time I want to sink into learning, installing, and troubleshooting that process (unless someone has a quick and easy solution for the switch). So, I've decided my next best option is to just install windows on another drive to play certain games. In my past experience, windows ruin the grub boot process, and so requires a fix up after installation. Does anyone know how this works? I've read here that it's as simple as typing a command into windows after installation. However that guide is for Windows -> Windows + Linux. I'm not how it would translate, going from Linux to Linux + Windows.

Anyone have any advice?

Detach the disk you are using for Manjaro.

Reboot and install Windows.

Reattach the Manjaro device

Use you systems boot override to select which device you want to boot from.


If you install Windows on another drive it should normally not touch the drive Manjaro is installed on. Make sure to install it in the same mode (either UEFI with GPT parted disk or BIOS with MBR parted disk). Disable Secure Boot before and Fastboot after Windows installation.

After the installation boot into your Manjaro disk (from firmware setting) and simply run

sudo update-grub

If you want to be very safe, then you could disconnect your Manjaro disk before you install Windows, but I personally would not do that.


Thanks, I'll give that a go :slight_smile:

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