Best option to install i3 from lxqt


I have Lxqt I love it, but want also to try a window manager because I need a lot of different presets, and hate to use the mouse.

what is the best way to go to avoid conflicts, favor performance and switch between the two. A VM is not an option as the moment.

  1. I read about making a different user and then from lxqt to install i3
  2. Install from my home/user directly i3, because won't conflict and bloat the system, and I will have a nice option when I am going to load

As bonus question I would like to know if I can install on another user directly the i3 manjaro distro inbuilt, so that I do not have to make all the config myself, but use the ones offered by default by the manjaro i3 package

EDIT i found this post but does not help me enough because is KDE oriented, lxqt is a completely different, less invasive concept i guess [manjaro-i3] Installing i3 to existing Manjaro

Go to Pamac>groups scroll to i3-manjaro, I have installed all of those except the last one ending bldbk.
or you can check what packages are in i3

I would just do WM install there Manjaro i3 and check what is there, what configs are where and would do the same on machine.
here is i3 config

i3 and gnome under one account work very good

thank you guys,

would you recommend to create a new user, and then from the new user to run the pamac magic?

VoDo, I found that gnome and i3, work togheter after you worked your way out with orphans packages, anyway what do you please mean for:

Pamac>groups scroll to i3-manjaro

i RTFM and do not find any group option, do you mean maybe

pamac install i3

and the groups are :

There are 5 members in group i3:
1:  i3-gaps   4.18-1  community
2:  i3-wm     4.18-1  community
3:  i3blocks  1.5-3   community
4:  i3lock    2.12-1  community
5:  i3status  2.13-2  community

Enter a selection (default=all): 

so that I need just to press Enter?

@xircon please in the post you pointed out you say that installed i3 with the LARS bootstrap script, as I got inspired by i3 just seeing Luke videos would like to go if this is an efficient way to go(of course I would run the LARS from a new user under LXQT, if I am wrong please correct me if you like,can)

Bonus newbe question to understand:
I read from @jonathon that the packages are kind of sandboxed, Install multiple desktop environments?

so i guess as far as I create new users with their separate various dotted .configsxyz files I cannot mess things around right?

Open Pamac click browse click Categories and choose groups. Install also the last one manjaro-i3-settings, I do not have it coz I have gnome-settings instead
i3 and gnome works together because gnome is gtk3 and i3 uses gtk2 (I think) they do not mess settings, in gnome I have manjaro layout or adwaita in i3 I have the default one which adapta-nokto...... It means when I open nautilus under gnome it is manjaro gnome nautilus, when I open it in i3 it is nokto nautilus. Under same account.

I do not have pamac visual and i get a conflict if I am going to install pamac-qt, so no graphical pamac, only testual, unfortunately and from the command line I do not see categories from the command line only the five packages you see on my reply, but that packages are different

These must be there try to find them with pacui, it will be installed anyway

yeah but there is a problem if I run

pamac install pamac-qt

I get unfortuntely the error message mentioned here

pacui is terminal program

you are right I go to study pacui, thanks

EDIT still do not mark as solution, because I am diverting from my OP question at the moment, if gonna work mark your first reply

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