BIOS Screen Appearing Every Time On Bootup

A couple of days ago I closed the lid of my laptop without letting the shutdown finish. Since then, every time it boots up, the BIOS screen appears and I have to exit the BIOS screen to let Manjaro boot up. Please suggest me what to do to rectify this problem.

If you're using kde, there's an option in start up and shutdown in settings

I am using KDE but I can't find the shutdown setting.

Okay I found it.

As a side note, your profile says you are usig Gnome. Please update your profile.

Okay, I found the Startup and Shutdown settings but what to do next?

Sorry, I don't use KDE. I guess your reply was adressed to @visone.

Okay, I found the Startup and Shutdown settings but what to do next?

check the back..... services tab

Okay, what to do next?


But when I use this tickbox, after I reboot into Bios and then restart into desktop, this box is automatically unticked after reboot (one time setting), so I'm not sure why yours would be always ticked.

It is not ticked at all, but still it is rebooting into UEFI every time. This is happening since and because, I didn't let it shutdown completely before closing the lid.

Maybe try to put it in various states to try to reinitialize what may have gone wrong before, try sleep, hibernation, shutdown, reboot, maybe try to tick the box to allow a one time Bios reboot, close and open the lid while powered on, test maybe you'll have it back in 'normal' state.
If you didn't yet maybe do a Timeshift backup before trying to mess with it.

No, it's still not working. I noticed that time and date in BIOS weren't right. I changed it to the right one but still it's not working.

Please help me it is still showing the BIOS screen every time I bootup and I still have to exit it to get Manjaro Booting.

Boot into BIOS Setup and set 1st boot option as you prefer.
Or use efibootmgr.

Maybe the CMOS battery is faulty. Unplug laptop, remove its regular battery and leave it for a bit. Is the time/date correct on next startup?

The first boot options is Manjaro itself.

Apologist is right your cmos battery is dead, either live with it or replace it or get it replaced.

Manjaro or any other OS for that matter has no such ability to boot to bios. I wish they had though.

Okay, I will get it checked.

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