BIOS update for HP Laptop

I downloaded sp100947.exe file from HP website that contains latest BIOS F.36A for my HP laptop running Manjaro latest linux. How do I apply this file to update BIOS? Thank you so much.

That's a Windows executable so you can't run it under Linux.

You might want to ask HP for support for BIOS updates?

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Is there an option inside the bios to update from inside it? If yes, since i cannot search for it myself (thanks HP....), you might wanna check if you can find the raw bios file for download or if you can extract it from the exe file like from an archive. Then put it on an usb stick formatted with fat 16 or fat 32 and update from within the bios.
There seems to be a guide here for this approach.

Otherewise i would stick with the suggestion from @jonathon, allthough a quick search for the bios name brought up something from 2009 so that might be hard.

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That .exe file can be decompressed and take out the .bin update for the bios.
In my old HP notebook from my wife, the update could be done from the BIOS, and the .exe could be loaded from a USB stick.
There is another way to do it from the EFi partition.

But the BIOS is an important component. HP support, know how to do it ... I think.

Edit: @Takei That procedure is on the HP page.
It depends on the model. And I'm not sure of the compression format HP uses:


There should be instructions where you got the update from.
There are various ways my desktop has 3 methods alone.
My Dell laptop since it only has Linux on it needs the bios.exe file on a dos boot disk.
If your HP works this way here are instructions on making a dos boot USB using Rufus (you need access to win 7 or later- I never needed this from Linux so don't know what might work).

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If your PC is not too old, you could try to put the decompress bin file as here:

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HP usually allows you to update form the BIOS itself, and this is the better route IMO. My HP is an EliteBook Folio. The procedure is the following:

  1. Download the exe file and extract it.
  2. Create the following directory structure:
 |- BIOS
 |    |
 |    |- New -> <.bin and .sig files found in the ROM.CAB file>
 |- BIOSUpdate -> <all the contents from the BIOSUpdate extracted folder>
  1. Copy the directory structure to your EFI partition, reboot and update from the BIOS setup.

You need to checkout if the procedure is the same on your machine.


Thanks mates for all your help and efforts. I will try this tonight from home and will post updates.

Maybe this will help:


hi mates, below steps worked.

  • Prepared Hiren bootable USB
  • downloaded sp100947.exe file from HP website that contains latest BIOS F.36A and copied it to Hiren bootable USB
  • Booted my HP Laptop using Hiren bootable USB containing this exe. It presented me a Windows desktop.
  • Used explorer > executed sp100947.exe and it was able to directly update the BIOS so just followed the prompt. It auto-booted twice and bios got updated to latest.

Thanks a million to each and everyone of you.
Documenting this simplistic steps in case anyone else needs it.
(Also, forgot to mention that my linux manjaro laptop does not have any original disk partitions. I had totally wiped all partitions including OEM partitions and had installed Linux )


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