BIOS update on a Acer TravelMate X349


I got a 2 year old Acer TravelMate X349 (X349-G2-M-336Z). There is a new BIOS available on the Acer support page but I do not know how to flush it.

I used unetbootin to create a freeDOS USB stick with the BIOS file on it: BIOS_112.exe. I can boot with that stick and I can excecute BIOS_112.exe. But I only get one line of output saying:


That is it. No error. No action.
Any idea what to do?

Is there any documentation you found? Can you be so friendly to post the links to it?

I did not find any meaningful information.

Here is the official support page where you can download BIOS files and documentation

I did not see anything that could help me. But I know that for Windows they have an App helping with the BIOS update.

Have you considered using Hirens BootCD to run a Windows RE environment? You could use a second USB with the exe-file with the BIOS update.


Thanks for this info. I immediately tried it. And indeed this is booting into a windows environment. Amazing!

But it is only doing so in an UEFI environment. This reminded me that my installation is legacy. When I switched to UEFI I could boot. BIOS_112.exe is starting. With GUI. But it fails with an error claiming that the EFI directory is not writable. I will reinstall the laptop with UEFI and see if that solves it.

By the way: When booting into this Windows environment the keyboard and touchpad are dead. I can only navigate with an external USB mouse.

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It is not working. Unfortunately.

I did a fresh Manjaro install with UEFI. Created a USB stick with Hiren's BootCD iso, booted it and execute BIOS_112.exe which was on the same USB Stick.

It still complains about not being able to write to EFI Partition. I believe it is referring to the missing EFI partition on the USB stick. The Windows RE environment does not have a separate EFI partition.

Any idea what else I could try?

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