BIOS won't recognize new SSD, although Manjaro Installer can

Hi guys!

I have a Dell Inspiron 5458 (i5-5200u) which I just upgraded from 4GB RAM to 16 and from a 1TB HDD to 240GB SSD.

Everything went fine, booted into Manjaro installer fine, checked inxi -Fxxz in terminal and all my hardwares upgrades were detected.

The point is BIOS is not recognizing the new SSD. When I go into Settings -> General -> System Information -> Device Information it shows Primary Hard Drive = (none).

Anyone has a clue? Why the installer can detect and BIOS not?

It is possible that your BIOS ─ or is it a UEFI? ─ needs an update before it can see the new SSD, and especially so if this is an NVMe-style SSD.

Another possibility might be that the setting for the drive in the BIOS/UEFI is not set to AHCI. But my money would be on the BIOS/UEFI being too old and needing an update.

That said however, if your Manjaro system boots and runs fine from the SSD, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. :wink:


Think you're right. AHCI option is checked... I was just hoping to figure another way around since my battery is not ok.

By the way, I can't boot from SSD. Just from flash drive.


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I'm with @Aragorn see if there is a newer firmware update for your bios. As for the style of bios it's one of the 3.

MBR aka legacy


Sorry for the delay! I ran the bios firmware update and everything went just fine.

Thanks! :grin:

Greetings from Brazil :brazil:

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So does this mean your SSD is being recognized now?

Yes. Booted Manjaro from SSD just after the update was completed.

I didn't even need to reinstall. I find it curious that Manjaro booted from flash usb could recognize it even that my motherboard couldn't. :sweat_smile:

Yeah I've run across that a couple of times over the years. Now all you need to do is get Manjaro setup to your liking. Enjoy.

The kernel is very good at hardware detection. :wink:

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