Black screen after installing build-essential dkms and Guest Additions on VirtualBox (VM Ubuntu)

I created a Ubuntu VM and started following this tutorial to have my clipboard work:
After running this command:
sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential dkms
And clicking in the VirtualBox Devices->Insert Guest Additions CD Image. Then after it installed I powered off the VM and tried rebooting it but all I have now is a black screen

EDIT: After rebooting it a few times now Im getting the desktop but I cannot interact with it at all...

Now after rebooting it Im either getting this static desktop screen or just a black screen each time I reboot...

Check the VM Settings and make sure the display is set like this


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Thats what I have
Gonna change it and see what happens

It works!
Thank you again!

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