Black screen and cursor instead of screen off

I am hoping to get some help with a laptop I am having a baffling issue with. Instead of the screen turning off when inactive like it had been doing it is going to a black screen with just the cursor visible now. Even after reinstalling and using time shift to restore the os it is doing the same thing. What could be causing this?

Relevant Info:

The laptop is running gnome manjaro, it is on kernel 4.19.34-1.

If anything else is needed to solve this issue I am happy to provide it.

Edited(2/5/2019 14:55):
I don't think this topic is relevant anymore. Since a reinstall everything has been behaving fine although I believe we are not using multiple kernels on that machine anymore so I'm not sure if that was affecting it.

Yes, best practice is to give some information as described here

so nobody has to think to ask the good questions.
Also, i see you had another help requests ... try to focus on one till is solved then focus on the other one.

Thanks. Well they are two different machines which is why I posted both. I will try get that info asap.

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