Black Screen Cursor after install nvidia-390xx Cant probe gpu for any information without freeze(Optimus Laptop)

So I am running manjaro cinnamon edition on a MSI Apache Pro GE6VR 7RF and I dual boot between manjaro and Windows 10 for games. My laptop uses an optimus setup with a Intel HD Graphics 630 and a GTX 1060.

I use manjaro mainly for all programming tasks so initially I disabled my nvidia gpu because I thought I wouldn't need it. At that time my laptop was working and I could boot into manjaro with no issues, however, after connecting my laptop to my dual monitor setup the input was no being read which I believed was because my monitor signals and display were being handled by my gpu which was disabled.

To attempt to fix that I re-downloaded the nvidia-390xx driver and installed bumblebee and optimus. After this I am welcomed to a black screen with a blinking cursor after selecting manjaro in the grub listings. I cannot use a tty terminal because if I press CTRL + ALT + F1-6 the screen will switch to the tty terminal and then about 3 seconds later switch back to the black screen with blinking cursor.

I can edit my grub settings to boot straight to a terminal and that works but not sure how to go about fixing this graphics issue. Any probes for information about my gpu using mhwd or inxi will lead to a system freeze. Any help would be appreciated. Preferably starting with purging everything involved with nvidia and bumblebee and starting over on the driver fronts. Also this is my first post on the forums so any advice on formatting and general things I need to do are greatly appreciated.

Enable it again, before you install the driver.

Hey @Strit so what would I have to modify in my grub file to change that or would I need to do that somewhere else? I believe I edited my grub file before but currently don't see any changes to it referencing modeset or anything of that nature.

You said you disabled the nvidia GPU. Enable it again, the same place, (BIOS probably).
Then re-install the bumblebee driver with mhwd.

Sorry when I say disabled it I meant to only have my Intel graphics card being used in Manjaro. I didn't enter my bios to change that. When I try mhwd my graphics card comes up under display controllers but not sure why I can't probe it for information

I think video-nvidia-390 is only used for fermi-based GPUs. Newer models should use video-nvidia.
Maybe you can try to use the nouveau driver with Reverse-Prime, as you do not need you card for graphical intensive applications. Nouveau should be provided with the free drivers (video-linux) in mhwd.

@firefightux how do I go about removing the video-nvidia-390 driver? I tried to use
sudo mhwd -r [pci or usb] [name of driver]
However when I try to run that command for video-nvidia-390xx my terminal freezes. I currently can only get into terminal by adding 3 to the end of the linux line in grub

Hm, I would try auto-installing the free drivers with sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300 this should blacklist the nvidia driver and you should be able to uninstall it after a reboot.
Ah, and have a live-install ready to chroot, just in case something goes wrong.

And another thing, I assume you have done this with mhwd. Or have you installed nvidia-390 manually?:

I did this from the settings manager in manjaro

Screen freezes when I try to run that command QQ

have you try on Grub ,
modify boot kernel ( E ) and adding
acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009"

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Try what @stephane proposed. If this also does not work, run from a live session and chroot into your system to install/uninstall drivers see this guide:

That change in grub allows me to run mhwd now. Tried to uninstall video-nvidia-390xx but it says that it isn't installed but when I run mhwd it shows that driver under my Nvidia display controller.

What does mhwd -li say? Can you boot to a normal session with that option?

It shows my video-hybrid driver video-vesa and video-linux so I guess the nvidia-390xx isn't installed

Also not sure if this helps but when I try to run sudo startx it says no screens found. Fatal error

I think it was uninstalled, when bumblebee was installed, if I remember correctly video-hybrid is the bumblebee package and it conflicts with video-nvidia.
You can try troubleshooting with bumblebee with the tutorial from above. Maybe @stephane could help you there more.
If you want to try the free drivers remove the video-hybrid package with mhwd and run the autoinstall of the freedrivers.

That should take care of the blacklisting. Afterwards reboot.

may be first return

inxi -Fxxxz
sudo journalctl -b0 | grep -i nvidia

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