Black screen KDE (both login screen and desktop)

I've tried to switch to 4.19 but after the installation of 4.19 kernel the 5.4 is still running...

If you dont see grub selection during boot hit the Shift or Esc key.

I've switched to 4.19 but I don't see a change even if I run

sudo pacman -Syyu

Nothing else should change but the running kernel
(uname -a)
Its just to see if a different kernel produces different results. Try however many you like.
(though .. you know .. trying the newest, an old one, one or 2 LTS .. that about covers it)

Could a Kernel switch solve my KDE problem?

I've tried 3 different kernels (newest, LTS recommendet, older). No one shows a difference...
What else could I do? What's the cause of my problem? Why is my KDE so unstable (as it was normal, i could press on logout and It was hanging with no effect)?

KDE is stable as can be for me.
But The issue you face right now is puzzling. I know of multiple cases sometime in the last few weeks with roughly this same issue. My partner has a laptop like this too. I cant find the exact culprit. They are still using their machine sans-desktop (as they can still launch programs).
So .. I am not sure .. I was throwing you the normal things I would try .. turn off tlp, change kernels, check difference of drivers if available .. etc.

As I can see, my nvidia driver is the newest one.

I just dont see any errors that jump out at me.
For example uvc is webcam, and atheros is network .. neither should matter for your desktop. And I dont see a bunch of plasma failing errors either. Its just odd.

If I had an idea, or could track it down, I would fix your situation and a handful of others.. but I am still stumped.
(it seems to affect a minority of systems .. so while I think this is a bug .. not too many have noticed)

Oh...What should I do then? :smiley:
I remember as I made my first manjaro live usb and booted it. The dektop was also missing, I could see only the welcome message (but the login screen worked than in comparison with today). I just made a new live usb and it worked..

I dont know. keep digging.
Comb dmesg/journalctl .. check for wierd Xorg stuff .. try downgrading packages ..
Again .. if this is the same bug .. I have thrown a few hours at it in the flesh and couldnt figure it out...
(also it seems not many else have noticed .. once they do hopefully someone better skilled will help)

@eugen-b @dalto @c00ter
(this may be that failed plasma desktop bug thing I have been mentioning)
other examples ..
Nothing run after a reboot
KDE Plasma keeps crashing after the last stable update

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Plasma with black screen and only a cursor is when qt5-base doesn't get updated in time.

Tell me more.
This has been plaguing users for weeks, and I cant pin it down.
In my own yard - switching to unstable and similar did not help.

But it could be something different, of course.

But this occurred on Stable branch well over a week ago, and remains the same.
I will dig it up and try to update again ..
(I had a hunch it was the intel actually .. booting to RL3 and trying to startx gave bad $DISPLAY ... which seemed familiar .. and yup .. I had hard-set it in /etc/environment, but it wasnt working. SDDM itself seemed to work without complaint .. but no desktop)

Oh yeah .. for what its worth .. clearing home cache, and resetting plasma and themes, and all that didnt work .. neither did switching between intel and modesetting.

EDIT (@eugen-b) - Did a full stable resync again now on affected machine.. and the issue remains.
Oh wait. Sorry. Forgot .. the closest I get is this which seems to be common for others too:
( for those to follow .. do this journalctl -xb -p3 )

Someone else maybe has a clue about this problem with black screen?

maybe I didn't install the right one, but I don't know what to do

and I have the same problem I disappear what I have on the main screen I can not click right click I no longer have the status bar

i think it has some bug optimus switch
, now I run without it and it works fine

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