Black screen since installing driver though manjaro-settings-manager

Hi all, fairly new to manjaro here so hoping there is a solution to this that isnt a clean install haha

I recently installed a graphics driver in manjaro settings (i believe it was video-vesa or graphics-vesa), after rebooting my screen goes black as soon as i am past the grub screen, and i cant even view my ctrl-alt-f(2-6) terminals.

Is there a way to uninstall drivers from a live usb or something? i did a search of this forum but all i could find was someone saying they had figured out how to fix a similar issue with no more information provided :cry:

Hi there.

I think you will find there are a number of ways to walk this back.

(runlevel 3 and chroot are good examples of how to get 'interactive' with your system)

Let us know if you need extra information/help.

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thank you for all your suggestions! ill will make sure to bookmark your post :smiley:

ended up fixing the problem by booting with 'nomodeset' which allowed me to uninstall the driver through the gui. will definitely need to sink my teeth into fixing similar issues through bash in future though

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