Black Screen while switching to Mesa Driver

I freshly installed Ryzen APU 3400G with gigabyte X570 on Samsung SSD. Everything worked fine like updates plus new software installation and... By the moment I switched the graphics driver from Linux to Mesa and deleted the Linux ones: screen turned black I can get only grub menu, giving none working options unless I enter few commands that might help me. I'm so frustrating and anxious. Please I need your help as soon as possible as I need this computer for work at home. Thanks in advance.

well, you already WERE on the mesa drivers.
video-linux is just a meta-package in mhwd that contains all the opensource mesa drivers.

Not sure where you "switched to mesa" but you need to undo that and install all packages again. mesa is the basic graphic system of linux, without it, Linux can't display anything.

Aha l! I thought Linux driver is different or maybe and you is better as I'm having stutter in the screen... I can only access grub menu and the boot is a fast one, even my Manjaro live USB is not working either! Need help please

I had to reboot and re-install Manjaro again it takes 1.30 minutes fortunately and thanks to Samsung NVMe SSD. But, there is still an issue with AMD APU 3400G, because there are like Glitter or twinkling affecting almost all apps and hiding informations on that specific software. It's kinda annoying even after switch to the latest Linux kernel version 5.6, nothing changed!

Is it possible to screenshot this glittering effect?

The moment I try to take a screenshot it turns to normal. I will do it with my phone camera. It annoying, I may contact Gigabyte and AMD to fix it too.

IMG_20200412_192911 IMG_20200412_192845 IMG_20200412_192930

Those images are examples.

What is the current output of inxi -Fxxxza --no-host?

Unfortunately, I deleted it and installed Ubuntu instead. It looks like Ubuntu consumes more CPU Powe and RAM memory like 1Gb more. Plus, the good thing it's more stable and the screen or display issue not happening that much. By the way, it happen a lot on Firefox and less in chromium. Still, affecting all apps no exceptions.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G
MOB: X570 from gigabyte

Kernel version 5.6 on Manjaro and Ubuntu regular version 5.3.

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