Black screen with cursor after KDE Plasma login

After rebooting, i logged in to se the progress bar in the Plasma splash not moving and my PC fan running harder than usual. I'm then greeted with a black screen, with yakuake running

Things i've tried:
killing and running plasmashell
adding sddm to video group
deleting ~/.config, ~/.local, and ~/.cache

That was extreme.

That is safe to delete.
If you had

you could have wait a bit longer, or from yakuake itself run this command to reboot:
systemctl reboot
Sometimes is possible that Plasma desktop to load slower, especially after an update, or if baloo starts indexing right away.
Without more information about your setup is quite hard to pinpoint the issue.
This should help you provide some good information:

Or try to follow this:


Hello! after some dinking around, i found the solution to my problem, i'll be nice and share it, but it might or might not work for you:
i basically downloaded a bad package called lib32-gconf which deleted a lot of conflicting dependencies that convienient parts of my system used, and i downloaded this from AUR

lesson of the day: be careful what you download from AUR!!!

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