Bluetooth Connection Issues for 5.8.0 kernel

Hi guys!

Since I've updated into 5.8.0, there has been some problems with bluetooth connection. Not only on my KDE Manjaro, but also on my Pop! OS which has the same kernel (dual-boot).

Do you know how to fix this? It's not a major problem, but still makes me scratch my head.

Just in case:

  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx (8) @ 2.100GHz
  • GPU - AMD ATI 03:00.0 Picasso

time to go back to 5.7 kernel
5.8 is just started , no return for firmwares and state wifi

if ethernet ik ok , you will have to wait

Fair enough. Thanks though!

I think you should use a more reliable Kernel like 5.7 or even 5.4LTS. You don´t seem to have an exotic nor so recent hardware . So I think 5.4 LTS will be a great choice for both Manjaro and Pop_OS!.

Yeah, just trying it out of curiosity. Actually my PC has a greater performance with this kernel apart from the mentioned issue. But you're right, probably going back into 5.4!

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A really stable kernel it's always the best choice. The only exception is a very very recent hardware. I actually love Manjaro because it gave me a really stable base and a uptodate set of applications. The perfect conbination to get my job done.

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