Bluetooth connections without adapters?

I switched from windows 10 to manjaro 20.0.3 the xfce edition.
I had no problem with the bluetooth on windows but on manjaro it apparently needs an adapter. Is there any other way to connect to the bluetooth without needing an adapter?
If it's only possible to connect to bluetooth with adapter then please tell me how I can connect with an adapter.

how you could use bluetooth without adapater? even on windows..
you mean that your actual bluetooth is not recognized by linux?

posting the output of

inxi -Fxxxz

may help others to see if you actual bluetooth is detected and see if you need specific drivers or is not supported at all on linux etc.

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I do have bluetooth on my system but like the adapters that I found on amazon were something like usb's so I thought those were called adapters.
OK. so I tried what you said and I do have bluetooth. How do I connect?

if you bluetooth is recognized and active like as you said..
I don't use XFCE but you should have a bluetooth applet in your task bar.. where you can discover the device you want to connect to your laptop. phone, headphone or whatever..

please be more precise about what you want to do.. someone else will help you for sure.

Soooo basically there is no bluetooth option on the panel that I can add at all.
Aaaand there is a bluetooth app on the system but It says no adapters found or something like that.
This is a new error.

This will help us then



sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.servide

I tried but it didn't work

People still use bluetooth? Eck. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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