Bluetooth Headset not being detected

I downloaded Manjaro XFCE after a Windows 10 update made my computer unable to boot, so I switched over to Manjaro. I

I tried searched the forums and was met with a ton of threads but none of them were ever solved

I tried rfkill list and was met with this


I tried sudo systemctl enable bluetooth and sudo systemctl start bluetooth, they did nothing

I've downloaded reinstalled blueman, bluez and bluez-util

I recommend going trough this
Feel free to ask more questions all along.

Please mention your machine as well, I had similar issue on my xps 13 resolved it by adding my bluetooth firmware from github.

My machine is a Sony VAIO SVF14A16CXS running Manjaro XFCE 5.6.19-2-MANJARO. I formatted the hard drive from NTFS. Bluetooth was working with Windows and I have no previous problem with the Bluetooth driver

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