Bluetooth mouse sleeps after 2 seconds of idle

Hello, I acquired a Microsoft 3600 bluetooth mouse and never managed to get it working properly on Linux. I'm seeking for help everywhere, anything will be useful since I have no idea about what more to do. The mouse is of that type that connects to the computer's bluetooth, it does not have a dongle to plug in the USB.

The mouse kinda works, the problem is that if I stop moving it for like 2 or 3 seconds it "sleeps" and the next time I move it will delay about 2 or 3 seconds to start moving my cursor. Since it is a really short time interval to get the mouse "sleeping", this makes the device completely unusable, I just can't stop moving the mouse for typing or anything.

I tested the mouse in Android and Windows and it worked absolutely fine in those OSs, but on Linux (not just Manjaro) I get those problems.

Looking at journalctl, I get those messages when the mouse is "sleeping" and I attempt to move it:

jul 03 19:41:46 nathan kernel: usb 1-6: new high-speed USB device number 24 using xhci_hcd
jul 03 19:41:46 nathan kernel: usb 1-6: Device not responding to setup address.
jul 03 19:41:47 nathan kernel: usb 1-6: Device not responding to setup address.
jul 03 19:41:47 nathan kernel: usb 1-6: device not accepting address 24, error -71
jul 03 19:41:47 nathan kernel: usb usb1-port6: unable to enumerate USB device

I already tried (searching in half of the web, obviously) creating a udev rule to prevent the USB device of sleeping, and also found an answer in other forums telling to edit the bluetooth sleep timeout in a file at /etc/bluetooth/input.cfg. My system does not have that file (it has /etc/bluetooth/main.cfg, but not input.cfg), but I manually created it in the hope of get something working. Failed completely. Somebody also told me to use the blueman package instead to connect the mouse to the computer, I tried this but didn't solved the problem.

And I also noticed something weirdo: If I keep my USB gaming mouse plugged in the USB connections, this problem with the bluetooth mouse just does not happen, everything works as a charm. However when I plug off the USB mouse the problem starts occurring again.

My current environment is Manjaro with the kernel 5.7.0, I'm running KDE, and, since I suspect this might be a power supply issue, my laptop is a model sold in Brazil by Samsung (NP350XAA-XD2BR is the model code)

I reproduced with the kernels 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 in Manjaro and OpenSuse, they both presented the same issue.

Thank you all in advance, hope someone can help me with this. I paid a relatively good money for this mouse, just wanna use it


Install tlpui and change the settings for that particular USB where the dongle is connected so it doesn't get powered off to save battery life.

Hey, not sure if I made it clear, but the mouse does not have a dongle. It connects directly to the laptop's bluetooth network. What should I do in that case?

Probably tlpui has options for that too ... :man_shrugging:

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I tried that today, found the options USB_AUTOSUSPEND and USB_BLACKLIST_BTUSB that seemed promising, so I tried disabling the USB autosuspending and/or whitelisting the Bluetooth devices (with the second configuraiton), but this did not worked too, the exact problem persists

Same here, and mine also has a problem with hibernation.
Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Slight investigation:
I have tried to turn OFF the option "Bluetooth can be turned off to save power" under Power in Settings and it simply went crazy. Gnome lock screen would flicker and restart multiple times, and when I finally logged into my user, mouse wasn't working. I had to turn that option ON again, log out, log in again and then move the mouse for it to work. I hope it helps somehow, it really seems to be an issue with bluetooth power settings. Ah, also, I'm on Gnome.

EDIT: solved, switched to i3.

Perhaps purchase a mouse that isn't reliant on Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is far from perfect and you'll be saving yourself a ton of headaches by disabling BT completely. BT also interferes with WiFi, so it often compounds your problems by making BT and Wifi unstable.

You may want to search your Wifi/BT driver options to see if disabling bluetooth coexistence may help. Of course you never provided the info on your Wifi/BT chip in use (or any other pertinent info).

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Perhaps we should embrace people from different backgrounds and who are just beginning on these kind of things. Manjaro is far from perfect so we'll be saving ourselves a ton of headaches if we just switched to some other OS. But no, we chose to stick with this because we like computers and because we can rely on the community.

We have searched options to see if someone in this forum can help. If someone didn't provide info on the chip, probably it's because they didn't know how to do it properly. Of course nobody ever mentioned the commands for it, but that's precisely why we are here: to learn, not to be patronized.
No one would waste time writing forum posts if not for genuine help.
And any help is appreciated, as it comes wholeheartedly.

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