Bluetooth preventing suspend

I recently bought a bluetooth speaker. Everything is working fine, but when I try to suspend it immediately returns in login screen, like I used keyboard or mouse.
Any idea on how to troubleshoot it?


There is most likely a fix for this, it involves writing a systemd service.

I have many other posts on this topic if you search the forum.

Here are some external links with excellent systemd reference material:

The ArchWiki - systemd

Red Hat - systemd-targets

Red Hat - systemd unit files

Systemd manpage

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Thanks, but I would really like to understand what is going on.
I probably should have added more details.
I am using KDE, and when I am using battery, everything is fine. Bt speaker will not change anything when I try to suspend.
When my laptop is connected to charger, external monitor, mouse and keyboard, after I suspend it will immediately go back to the login screen. If I have no BT speaker connected, I should move mouse or press a keyboard key (that is the behavior I want).

Did you read any of the links I posted?

The old post and dash manoeuver. Make your post and log off the second your post is made.

Good luck getting your issue fixed.

Since it's not a live chat I expect to be free to read and answer whenever I have time to.
I read the posts and I would be happy to do a systemd service, but I would prefer not to have any hackish kill-all-network-manager script on suspend.
Rather I asked

Any idea on how to troubleshoot it?

because I was hoping to get some information about why the bluetooth was causing the suspend to break, learn something and maybe do a focused disable like disabling an entry in /proc/acpi/wakeup

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