Bluettoth Headphone/Headset Issue

I've been having a issue with Manjaro Gnome, in terms of bluetooth audio, I'm new to linux and so I had tried KDE previously a week back, and wanted to try the gnome version too. ANd I prefer it, but right now I'm having a issue with my bluetooth audio. My bluetooth headset , Seinnheiser HD 4.50 SE is the one I'm using, doesn't connect to the stereo/ non handsfree audio, it is always in the headset mode instead of headphone, this wasnt an issue before in the KDE version, I could select between stereo and headset. I cant even change the audio to A2DP sink in pulseaudio. What's more is when I disconnect, I cant connect back to it, it just wont let me, I have to redo the pairing everytime.

Try installing pulseaudio-bluetooth-a2dp-gdm-fix. See the related Arch wiki section


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