Boot drive not being detected by BIOS, even though it was with windows installed.

So, I finally made the leap and upgraded to an NVME M.2 boot disc, I installed the dreaded Win10 for dual booting and that worked just like you'd expect. Then after that I tried to set up the dual boot and after there was no boot device detected, so I tried just a nuke and pave and installed only Manjaro. Still no luck unfortunately. Here's the kicker though, if I use my Manjaro USB drive and select the Detect EFI I can get into my install just fine. If I boot into my BIOS it doesn't even list my m.2 drive. Any idea what this funny business is? not a crippling issue but kinda ruins the fun of getting a fast new drive if i have to boot off usb lol

My mobo is an MSI b350 tomahawk if that matters.

For your MBO there is a new BIOS 2019-07-01 this has been installed?

Yeah, I just tried installing that. It lists the drive under the hardware overview, but not as one of the bootable drives, neither on uefi or legacy boot mode

Is there a setting for boot override?

Have you seen this article ?
[wiki] Windows 10 - Manjaro - Dual-boot - Step by Step

Well, im not dual booting anymore, ill be happy if i can get manjaro to start normally at all. There is a boot override but the only option under it is the uefi shell

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