What is the partition scheme?

windows 10 pre installed and efi mode

use gparted to set boot,esp flags for the new EFI partition and then run the installer afterwards

have any screenshot or media for help ?

please give me suggetion step by step

can i use windows 10 mbr partition scheme formated with rufus and after install manjaro dual boot?

mbr partition scheme for windows

The thread has moved on... you've changed the original query... you're now getting better help than I can give... I'll only comment...
I understand that to mean an msdos partition scheme which is not a gpt scheme therefore efi flags are probably not available.

EFI boot is not mixable with MBR partitioning.

On the other hand BIOS boot supports GPT partitioning suffice the necessary precautions are taken.

Could you boot up your Manjaro usb, run the following command and post the output:

sudo parted -l

(that is lowercase L)

this is my partition parts and 100 gb unallocated for manjaro .
please check this and guide me manjaro partition type , mount point and flag20200313_212706

how many partition create in manjaro and with file system, mountpoint and flag

click the link in post #7 above, you've been linked to step by step instructions already

see the image and say me how many partition create when manual
step by step

Which part of

is unclear to you?

give me proper link

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see the upper image and give me proper instruction

proper link

Nevermind, i know everything i need to know now.

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