Boot error: Exec format error for virtualbox modules in systemd

It looks like the other one which is left stuck at 6.1.4 is linux316-virtualbox-guest-modules.

Are we just dropping them from the repos, or putting in an intermediary "dummy" package to fix any currently-broken systems?

I don't think that 316 has guest modules for a while now. We can add a dummy to make sure.

EDIT 1. Updating results in a bootable vm. thx! Autoscaling of the guest doesn work anymore, so I think I might need to upgrade the kernel.

@jonathon @philm Thanks for diving into this issue. Would have loved being able to dig into it that deep.
How do you generally approach this? Fire up a brand new linux414-manjaro environment and trying to build virtualbox from source? If you once have the time to write up your general debugging procedure, that might be really nice.

@jonathon Other noob question: Where is that magical package ~6.1.6+obsolete-1 located? I tried to find it in gitlab, but without avail.

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The initial steps are exactly the same as this thread. The next step was using a clean build environment and stepping through the package build process, getting log output, noting errors, searching through upstream bug reports and source code trying to find the cause, etc. So essentially more of the same, just very focussed on this specific issue.

I didn't upload it as it's an empty package. The PKGBUILD sets the package name, version, description, and that's all it contains - all it's intended to do is remove the non-working vboxsf module. It will be removed from the repos in due course.

Thank you for your efforts!

Upgrading to "dummy" pkg for "linux414-virtualbox-guest-modules 6.1.6+obsolete-1" solved the problem I had for over a week of not being able to operate in anything other than terminal mode.

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