Boot failure after update, presumably

error: file `/boot/vmlinuz-4.19-x86_64' not found.
error: you need to load the kernel first.

Press any key to continue...

That's it. That's all. Sorry, I don't have much patience googling around the internet for this. I've been a big fan of linux for many years, so I really don't expect any heat or sass about "did I google or search the forums for a solution to my problem first." This is obviously unacceptable behavior for an operating system. I've gone months before without booting into linux and updating packages on my Manjaro installation on my laptop (my desktop is my primary machine...) with no problem.

Now, I go maybe one month max, and my laptop Manjaro doesn't boot? Really, I've spent all sorts of time in the past debugging random problems, often because of something special I've done with my package config, but sometimes not. Here, I've done literally nothing. This is like a non-tech savvy layperson booting into Windows 10 and just seeing blue screens every time, or experiencing a boot loop. Pretty damn unacceptable. So on the one hand, I'm really sorry to come off this way, but on the other hand, this should absolutely never happen. If this is what the operating system does - give up - it's failed. So please spoon feed me the solution.

I realize I've come off as a complete ass. But this is unacceptable and stupid. Look my day job is writing software, so don't tell me I'm ungrateful. I too have a responsibility for not ■■■■■■■ things up. My patience is at zero given I've done nothing fancy on my laptop Manjaro configuration.

I'll of course be very thankful for a solution. Just in a terrible mood given the circumstances. To be perfectly frank, delete this post if you like as "inappropriate", but it won't do the community any good. I'll take a solution as an good sign. I guess that's it.

The forum has an excellent :mag: function :wink:

Good luck and Welcome to Manjaro Forum!

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Sass appreciated.

Possible solution

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I think you are entitled to a full refund!

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