Boot in pure text mode

  1. Type 'e' to Manjaro Entry
  2. search for vmlinuz line of your present kernel and add the number '3' at end of this line like this:

linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.10-x86_64 root=UUID=85460fc6-666d-4be2-88a6-b0ef8c01b532 rw quiet ipv6.disable=1 ipv6.disable_ipv6=1 resume=UUID=2e69bc09-e974-4568-9675-5293031cfd40 3

  1. Now hit 'F10'
  2. Enjoy if you can't boot in GUI mode you can rescue your system in CLI mode :slight_smile:

Also, if you have messed up so badly that regular text mode does not work, or you have forgotten your password, you can try this:

Same as above, but instead of "3", add "init=/bin/bash". You should boot automatically to root command line without password. Note that this does not run your normal init system, so almost nothing (like internet access) gets autostarted, and stuff like systemctl might not work right. This can be both useful and detrimental to fixing your problem depending on the situation.

If you are worried someone might use this to bypass your computers security, consider encrypting your installation.


That's good too, but don't want to bypass if I can :slight_smile:

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