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Heya. So, I have a dualbood win7/manjaro xfce system and I've recently logged into linux to update the system and keep it up to date and whatnot. I ran the usual

sudo pacman -Syu

and the total update came to about ~2 gig or somesuch. I set it to run and left. Now for some reason in linux when the system goes into standby or energy saving or whatever mode sometimes when I wake the PC back on it just shows flashing underscore dash in the upped left corner and I can't switch to another tty or do anything other than reboot, and it decided to do it right in the middle of system update.

The system stopped booting afterwards and if I launch it in text mode instead of splash I get this output.

I am currently downloading latest manjaro xfce iso to make a boot drive, any suggestions on how to proceed are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I can't use second link because my keyboard doesn't work on the error screen, however, I did everything in the first link and it still won't boot. I booted into my live media again and got this.Screenshot_2019-05-04_20-06-04

Is there anything else I can try?

In chroot

mkinitcpio -P

If there are error messages from those commands, post them. Else reboot.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I ran the commands and here is the output that I got. The error message that I get at boot is still the same as in the first post photo.

kernel 4.19 failed to update.
Boot to another one (4.14, 4.9..) and re-install 4.19 from MSM or mhwd-kernel.


It worked. thank you for helping me with my problem.


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