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Hello guys i was using manjaro for a while and you will blame me of what i have done. I simply installed Manjaro alongside Windows 10 and every thing properly. Then a few days ago i saw a blog talking about Ubuntu and then i decided to install them alongside all the other systems because i saw a topic saying that it is possible. The installation was smooth and i booted ubuntu after a spending some time on it i went to test manjaro but it stops at a statement

it is No irq handler ......

so please help?

It is easier to have dualboot win/linux mac/linux then linux/linux :slight_smile:

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You may want to try a Chroot

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If this is a UEFI system, you could bring up the BIOS one time boot menu and choose the entry for Manjaro to see if it boos correctly.

ok i will try :slightly_smiling_face:

that site i entered made an illusion that it is easy

Everything is easy if you know how to do it :slight_smile:


I assume Manjaro's GRUB was replaced with Ubuntu's GRUB? Other OS's GRUB versions cannot boot Manjaro. Re-install Manjaro's GRUB by following this tutorial and you should be good to go.

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hey marty i booted through bios to manjaro and everything was working can i boot it like that forever if i did not solution

Your installation is intact. That's good news!

You could get into the firmware/bios settings and find your way to boot devices (or some such; wording may be different in your bios). Move Manjaro to the top of the list, save the settings and boot up your machine again.

Once in Manjaro run
sudo update-grub
to get boot entries for all your installed systems on the Grub boot menu.


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