Boot problems after installing Manjaro

After working with Antergos for a while, today I decided to install Manjaro. So I downloaded the latest version and installed Manjaro from a USB stick. With the "erase disk" option.

But after restarting the computer, I encounter this screen:


This is not supposed to be a dual-boot setup, I thought I uninstalled Windows weeks ago, so I dont know where this windows error screen is coming from. I tried a grup-update with these instructions and I followed all the steps but nothing changed.

Any idea what I can do?

Don't remember that Windows have an uninstall option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suggest to start again from live USB, erease completely the disk with Gparted -> make a new GPT partition table and start again with Manjaro installer

If you have installed Manjaro, follow this first post.

I think you are in uefi/gpt and so make sure you do at step6, the [Additional UEFI commands].

Good luck.

I have problems with step 1 already:

"Take the manjaro livecd and start it up in the same mode as your installation (uefi or bios-legacy)."

  1. how do I start the usb in uefi or legacy mode?
  2. how do I find out which mode my installation is ?

Thank you!

I guess it is already in uefi. So just start up the install usb.

I also guess it is uefi. But I wouldn't be able to know.
If you don't know, don't worry about it now.
Just proceed all the steps. and if you have any problem, the output required there

efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
findmnt -s
findmnt /boot/efi

will tell us a lot of things.
efibootmgr will tell us if you livecd is in uefi.
parted -l will tell us if your disk is gpt
grub-install error (if any - and always tell us error message or no error message) will tell us if your installed OS is uefi or bios-legacy
findmnt -s will tell us if you have made a /boot/efi partition
blkid for me to be sure .

Since you have nothing there (now), don't worry too much.
But it is getting late here and I may answer your 4th question tomorrow.
ps - you have asked 2 Q.

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Okay, I followed the steps. When I rebooted, I no longer got the error screen, but instead I got a "you are in emergency mode" message:


So I booted from the USB again and re-installed Manjaro. I did nothing differently but now after rebooting the new install started just fine.

So thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it!

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