Boot process halts, ACPI errors?

A screenshot is worth 1000 words:

No it is not - in this case it is worthless. Not searchable - no system info - no nothing


It used to be a picture is worth a 1000 words, in a very generic, yet particular artistic context.
Now it seems to be pushed to: "a pixel is worth 10 letters" ... :slight_smile:

Searching is worth a million words.

Reading FAQ posts is worth a billion words.

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ok, I rebooted and it failed this way:

I cannot run inxi as I cannot log in. Any idea what to do next? Any next steps to save this install? Or should I try reinstall?

The one AUR package I updated that has lots of dependencies is falkon. Reading about this error, it seems it has to do with clock?

But I don't have windows installed here, it's pure manjaro?

If this is the same install as the closed thread... You have not properly wiped your drive. You still have three windows-specific partitions on it, if I read the logs correctly in the thread linked above.
Both the recovery partition and some other system partitions for Windows are still on the disk.

I'm not the OP on that thread, and I don't have windows installed at all.

what's the benefit of falkon from AUR over falkon from manjaro extra repository?

maybe start a new thread over this issue then?

Well quoting that specific post confuses things greatly.

SDoes it halt or loop forever?
I found this:

It halts.
I'm starting to think it's easier to reinstall.

Although my last attempt with the live USB failed to boot the live system (on another laptop).


Falkon git is newer. Given how behind qt5-engine is, it's worth it in terms of security to be on the latest version.

I'll open a thread then...

can you boot with USB install
open a terminal and returns

inxi -Fxxxz
journalctl -b0 -p4

I booted form a live USB but the browser crashes before I can post here. My only option is to do screenshots yet again, here we go:
03 13

I know this is not ideal and taht there's output missing on the journalctl command, but no brower I could install can launch at all on the live install. neither can I mount another external drive to move the txt outout so I can paste it here.

This computer may be seriously borked?

have you try any other live system with this laptop ?

Bios seems to be old dated

Hi!:stuck_out_tongue: The Acpi-errors you can ignore for now. What do you think about BIOS-updates?
if you open a terminal and code something like this


You see the date of today. Your Bios is oldi think

can this old bios be the reason?

no, but live system manjaro with nvidia drivers seems to be ok
tempted to reinstall...

2 posts. I think yes! It could be.

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