Boot repair fails asking for grub-efi-amd64 packages

I've just recently decided to switch from Xubuntu to Manjaro i3 (love the rolling release model). I've had Xubuntu installed on /dev/sda and installed manjaro on /dev/sdb. After installing manjaro, system wouldn't boot, so I used my Xubuntu USB to run OS uninstaller, remove Xubuntu and also fix grub after uninstalling the OS with Boot repair (which has been able to successfully repair grub when I couldn't manually before).

I've hit a little problem however. Boot repair fails, with this error: "Please enable a repository containing the [grub-efi-amd64-signed] packages in the software sources of Manjaro Linux (sdb1). Then try again."
I should probably note that while Manjaro is installed on sdb1, with sdb2 as swap, the EFI partition is located at /dev/sda1. Not sure if that changes anything but yeah.

Question is, what do I do? I've seen a tutorial on these forums on how to use a Manjaro USB to boot into OS with a broken grub, but I don't really know how to enable the repo Boot repair is requesting, as I've only ever really done things on Manjaro with yaourt and pamac.

Or is the error meaning something else all together?

This is an application built from/for Ubuntu OSes.

So, if you follow this (Manjaro) guide, you shouldn't need to provide what that application asked for.
Try the guide and if you face problems, post back.

Try this.

in step 6, don't worry about /dev/sda in 'sudo grub-install /dev/sda'
You can just do 'sudo grub-install' or 'sudo grub-install /dev/sda', no problem. yes, manjaro is in sdb and $esp is /dev/sda1.

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Worked! Thanks for the replies, never expected them to be so quick.


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