Boot Splash Screen in Manjaro

Manjaro should have a boot splash screen instead of having us set it up manually. Or at least have an option to remove it if the user doesn't want it. Looks weird every time I boot that I don't see anything displayed.

Strangely, my Manjaro has a funky Breath 2 splash screen and matching SDDM screen for authentication, by default.

I have not yet found any better alternatives, they're quite lovely.splash

I'm curious about how you installed Manjaro.



Your profile states I am a data center technician so you should be able to setup a boot splash if you want one.


He's referring to something like bootspash-systemd or Plymouth that displays after the vendor logo before anything like Plasma loads it's splash screen

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We have been looking into it.

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AFAIK there have been attempts to ship with a boot splash (plymouth or kernel's bootsplash), but being bleeding edge hasn't been kind to its stability...

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I'm not convinced it "should" have bootsplash screen.

I like going straight to the Manjaro Splash screen.

I like to see loading process it looks cooler then some picture!

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What I have stated was an opinion; true, and that is what this forum is for(?) Also, as Yochanan has stated, I did mean something like Plymouth or systemd-bootsplash. Would it not make sense to have a logo displayed much like every other operating system does now? And as I have stated, having an option somewhere in say, settings manager to disable it if the user chooses that s/he doesn't like the splash screen would also make sense. Just because I am a data center technician doesn't mean others in my family or my friends are. I am trying to get them into the Linux world too(you know, to promote the use of Linux to people that are naive about it) and having a splash screen at boot up is just a nicer feature that most consumers like.

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And that should be up as an option too but should be automated so that you could choose it in settings like any other type of setting.

manjaro was provided with Plymouth for years.

I guessed what you meant - it was not to create an argument

I have read from Arch that plymouth is recommended by - not that it is better for that reason :slight_smile: I know that many people are accustomed to have some moving image - signalling the computer is not entirely dead.

But the entire topic is very opinionated as some wants to know what happens - other don't care and some want a picture to look at and if it is moving - then all is dandy - when it don't move the system is broken - and it could be ... but you wouldn't know until you hit escape.

Just try searching for quiet boot or boot splash or plymouth - it comes up once in while so there is guides on how to implement it.

Have you read this topic and the quoted article?

There is also the fact that computers becomes faster and faster - and I know that no all people can afford that - so for older slow systems - it could make sense - at least I think that is why plymouth exist - to provide some visual indication of the start process - how long is this going to take ...

For me and the computers I am using - a boot splash would slow my system - not speed it - even the terminal output is slowing the boot process on my latest system.

Ok, but it is not a feature that can be found in settings manager. I am just stating this as something for a "Feature Request". I do not "need" to set it up myself right now I do not care to have it(but I admit it does look real nice), nor am I asking people here to help me to set it up.

It's all good. I don't want to argue with anyone here either. I just want to help and market Linux where I can.

Certainly if I bought a Manjaro Pinebook, I'd be happier if it came up with Manjaro instead of a bios splash - there's no need for argument here. For polish, it would be nicer to have more Manjaro branding - the Team have been looking and talking about it, though not everything is easy to put into a system to install on 27,890 different kinds of computer...

For me, with my SSD boot, even though it isn't a fast setup, it's still only 15 seconds - and I don't want any extra, I'm happy with it as it is.


Even printing text can be a bottleneck.

My preference is for blank-to-login unless there is an error or I press a key combination.


I'm okay with black screen boot, but if you bought a computer with Manjaro there should be a logo or something IMHO. It may be people who's first impression of Linux, so polish-wise it may be a good idea.

my two cent.

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It's a different matter with fixed hardware, you sell a computer with your software then it's your baby and it'll be tweaked to fit like a tailored suit :wink:

My setup (a home-built Asus) boots to the Asus mainboard. Kinda like it like that.


And it does.
All the images we create, has the Manjaro Bootsplash, except for the Raspberry Pi images.
Also install created with the Manjaro ARM Installer has it, except for Raspberry Pi 4, Odroid N2 and all the Khadas devices, since they use other kernels, where bootsplash is not implemented.


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