Boot stops after logo

My machine would not boot any more after the update today.
I've removed Gstreamer 0.1 and replaced it with 1.0.

After pushing the power button, the grub shows up, the Manjaro logo too and after this I have a black screen and have to login with my name and password and do a $ startx and it runs as it should.

What to do to make it boot normal again?

sounds like you don't have a displaymanager installed / configured anymore.

install one and

sudo systemctl enable <displaymanager>
sudo systemctl start <displaymanager>

According to the Manjaro wiki MDM would the default DM.
Strange, because I seem to have lightdm on my laptop (another pc that did survive the update :wink: )

here too - check and post the last part of /var/log/pacman.log

You didn't post more info about your system, but I'm guessing you have gnome or budgie? These two experienced similar problems with DM's with this update. There are several similar threads about this on the forum with solutions, depends of your situation, gnome / budgie users needed to install and enable GDM:, Xfce users Lightdm gtk greeter ...

sudo systemctl enable gdm.service -f

Check few latest forum posts for 'black screen after update'

For some, Gogo's post was a solution:

I have Xfce installed, old install for over a year I think.
The MDM displaymanager seems default for xfce according to this...

I've installed MDM now and enabled and started it.
Now I'm getting a grey screen and am able to login with name and password.

I'm close, only need to find how to auto-login.

There is no user shown in the settings window, so it won't auto login.

pacman.log tells me that it removed MDM, and a lot more, like Evince and Clementine too, weird.

I don't know how to set auto login. But you could try something else. LightDM is default for Xfce, correct? You could try following steps, disable MDM from starting at login then install LightDM and greeter and enable it. But before you do this, this time there may be one additional step, (downgrading webkit2gtk) that may be the culprit of your original problem.

See this link for more info:

Then proceed with:

sudo systemctl stop mdm.service
sudo systemctl disable mdm.service

sudo pacman -Sy lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter
sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service

And restart and see if LightDM works again and also if you got your auto login back...

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As you can see in my log, MDM has been removed, not LightDM.
LightDM has never been installed on my desktop.

My laptop had a newer install, from may 2016, and has LightDM as default, but that machine updated without problems.

I understand. The reason I mentioned LightDM is because it is default DM for Xfce. (or it used to be?) But whichever one you like and works better for you, of course. I switched once to MDM and come back to LightDM. :wink:

MDM used to be default, since I have never changed it.
But I have always set it to auto login, so never seen it passing by. :wink:

I only have to figure out why the settingsmanager doesn't show my name, but leaves me with a blank box.

It used to be default long time ago. You will hardly find any mdm user here at the moment. But if you can make it work - OK.

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Funny thing is that I have Lightdm on my new laptop, also xfce and set to autologin.
I only don't recall how I arranged that... :hushed:

Edit: found it.

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Because it is NEW(er) laptop :slight_smile:
As @eugen-b said, Mint DM used to be default, so you have it on older system.
LightDm is now default so it is on your laptop.

I'm glad you found the setting for auto login

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