Boot stuck on target graphical interface after update

After a recent update of my system it refuses to boot.
It always gets stuck at target graphical interface. In the tty2(Alt+F2 works for me) i installed sddm to no effect and tried startx but this only gave the error, that an xsession could not be started.
At first i thought it me have to do with TLP, since before i disabled it (because why was it running on a desktop anyways) boot got stuck there...

I tried reinstalling the updates, and it did not help.

It might also be worth noting, that before the hangup it says that the lightdm service failed to start.

Hopefully one of you might know the answer, because i now am stumped. I found nothing in this forum that worked.

Thank you very much!

Two Display Managers will not do any good. Remove SDDM if you are not on KDE Plasma, from TTY stop the ligtdm service and start it manually. Report the error you get.

You mean none of all of this posts had any value for your issue ?

So after removing SDDM and stopping and starting lightdm it always goes back to the bootscreen.
I don't specifically get an error. But here is the output of sudo systemctl status lightdm.service please excuse the image quality, as i don't know how to export text from the tty.


I was looking for the wrong issue at the time, because i thought it was a TLP problem and then i tried finding things for boot hanging at target graphical interface. But after looking thorugh these posts i didn't find anything, that would help.

I have had a similar issue and the thing that worked for me was to increase the size of the root partition - updates have eaten too much space and that prevented X to load fully. Check the size of your partition for free space.

What exactly do you mean with root partition?
On the disk where my OS is installed i still have around 50gb free, or is the root partition a different partition from my main?

df -h
from any of the available alternative terminals and look for

/ in the Mounted On section.

If Use% is at 99% then you shoud fix that by enlarging the root partition.

so my partition is 86% used, so that shouldn't be the problem

Thank you for your help guys.
In the end i just ended up reinstalling Manjaro because i need the computer working for my studies.

Hopefully nobody else had this problem.

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