Bootloader issue after replacing Ubuntu with manjaro in my dual-boot PC

I was using windows 10 and Ubuntu, recently i replaced the Ubuntu with manjaro but unfortunately PC can't boot into Manjaro.
If there is a tool to replace old boot-loader with Manjaro boot-file please share the link of that.

Welcome to Manjaro!

There are several articles in the #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials and #faq sections that this address different ways to resolve issues like this.

In order to help you better, could you explain what is happening? Are you getting an error? Is the PC booting straight into Windows without displaying the grub menu?

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In UEFI option I have still Ubuntu and windows, if I select windows it boots the windows but when I select Ubuntu it's showing grub>

Use this.
Remember to do the 2 [Additional UEFI commands] after you boot into Manjaro .

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Thanks for your contribution.
The issue is fixed

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