Bootproblem after shutting down Manjaro (installed on USB with Virtual Box)


I have managed to install Manjaro on a USB drive and mostly everything works fine. I use it on a PC which has Windows 10 on it.

Nearly everytime after I shut down Manjaro the next time I want to boot there is the same problem:

  1. I interupt Windows's boot process by hitting f12 and entering the start up menu
  2. I choose my usb drive
  3. Nothing happens
  4. I shut down the PC via its power button
  5. After turning it on, the same procedure works and Manjaro boots

From my little experience I assume means that Manjaro doesn't properly shut down, or there is some setting BIOS or Windows that prevents it from doing so. I had the idea that it might have to do with fast boot, or secure boot (I'm not sure if both exist). I'll have to check again, but last time I had the impression I couldn't completely deactivate it, but that it could only be partly deactivated.

What other problems might be the reason / How can I solve this?!

yes, see this:

it can affect the way the USB is detected.

Secure boot in Windows firmware maybe?

There are a couple of points my testing of USB installs revealed.

  1. Calamares does not support installing to removable devices.
  2. The grub bootloader has to be installed using the --removable option - which is not the way Calamares installs the bootloader.
  3. Getting virtualbox to use raw disk is not easy but even so Calamares identifies the raw disk as removable and will not display the device in the disk selection.

My only successful USB installations has been manual

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Hey thx for your replies,
secure boot is off and the fast boot option are "minimal" "thorough" and "auto". Can't take it off completely.

There's an option called Block sleep. It's purpose seems to be to disable sleep mode in windows, but could it have to do with Windows not shutting properly down for linux? Not a very strong guess...

@linux-aarhus I'm not competent enough to understand what you're writing. But I'm sure I succeeded in installing Manjaro on USB. The problem I have is similar to a problem which I had with win/ubuntu dualboot, both from hardrive. There disabling fastboot was the deal, I think. But my new computre's bios is newer (s. above for the fast boot options).

One thing I tried is disabling UEFI boot mode and putting my USB drive (manjaro) first. Works great, but when I want to start Win it's not there. I think this is just a noob problem, hope that's not a problem in this forum.

Let me know if you need more details.

Fast boot in firmware - is not the same as Windows Fastboot - where the firmware fastboot only affects which devices is recognized at boot time.

This option often prevent USB drives from being recognized at boot time - but if you use the a function key to override the current boot order - then plugged usb devices are usually listed by the firmware override selector.

If you - somehow - have managed to install Manjaro onto an USB - using the official GUI installer - the boot can be dysfunctional - simply because the boot from your internal disk and your USB stick cannot be properly told apart.

I can't say what or why your boot is dysfunctional - but I am sure it has something to do with the loader on the USB (how you installed Manjaro to USB) - the windows loader on disk - and the firmware entries.

And since I have no idea on how you have ended up with the system in this state - it is impossible to suggest any solution - as any suggestions I may have may leave you with an unbootable system - I and won't do that.

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